Mobile Government Solutions

ICT and mobile technology is rapidly expanding governments’ capacity to produce benefits for governmental entities, citizens, businesses, and to impact positively overall national economic growth.

By enabling the development of a whole new set of applications and services, governments around the globe are in the position to ignite a powerful and transformational capacity to increase access to existing services, to expand the delivery of new services, to increase active citizen participation in government operations and to change the way of working within the public sector.

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Interactive Marketing Campaigns

DIGIWE creates and implements mobile and online marketing campaigns aimed at reaching strategic and measurable marketing goals, such as customer acquisition, retention, new products or services experimentation, revenue generation, as well as branding.

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Content Monetization

Being able to monetize a broad range of content, from music, to games, to apps, on the mobile channels, depends on a lot of things, but particularly on an extensive and high quality portfolio and a proven mobile user experience. These factors, combined with an outstanding global reach, are our truly value added proposition.

Mobile Payments

DIGIWE’s Mobile Payments solutions enable mobile operators, merchants, developers and mobile-driven businesses, to be at the center of the new digital ecosystem, by providing the market with an optimal monetization solution, both technically and commercially.

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R&D project, which consists in the creation of a prototype that allows the fast development and availability of wap places in the mobile internet area, able to improve the interactivity with the final user, making it more effective.

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R&D project which consists in the idealization, design and development of a technological and application platform that supports the interactions between all the actors of an ecosystem of Near Field Communications (NFC), serving as Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for any mobile services based in the referred technology.

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R&D project that consists in the conception and development of a mobile platform, that allows to make lots of varied tests to web services, mobile communications and services available in smartphones, in real time, so the defects of the tested service can be found, using the Cloud and with usability for any entity anywhere in the world.

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R&D project that consists in the creation of an ecosystem which supports the functioning of Inteligent Personal Assistants and its integration in ubiquitous computing environments in the Internet of things(IoT) environment.

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The project consists in the investigation and development of an ecosystem that maximizes the acceptance of Mobile Wallets for the consumers and merchants side. It’s intended, on one hand, to research and develop mobile solutions that dematerialize physical wallets and allow users to use and manage these elements in digital format, providing a better experience than the current one. On the other hand, it intends to allow to merchants, to implement and manage strategies of mobile marketing, making them differentiate from the competition by an optimized shopping experience, at the same time that they save on payment processing costs.

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R&D project that consists in the investigation and development of an innovative digital ecosystem that fosters the citizen empowerment methodology to improve the life quality of the population and to enhance the creation of better government policies through high quality data and citizens’ feedbacks.

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