The TIMWE group started to invest in R&D in 2011, through the creation of a technological center of technology and development.TIMWE Lab is an investigation center, located in Covilhã city, Portugal, It’s constituted by a team responsible by the identification, research and development of new technologies and tendencies in the industry. This center of technology and development focuses mainly on creating innovative solutions for the daily operations and long term solutions for our clients.

UBI - Universidade da Beira Interior

Ubi is a public higher education institution of reference on a national and international level, at the level of teaching, investigation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Betting increasingly in quality, the University of Beira Interior had been investing in the creation of well-equipped laboratories, in the expansion of its facilities – for the activities dedicated to teaching and investigation and the necessary facilities to offer its students the best work and social support conditions – In the progressive involvement in projects of investigation of national and international scope, and additionally, a highly qualifies working class.

DIUBI - Departamento de Informática da Universidade da Beira Interior

The computer department developes its activities in regard of scientific and technical matters thar are covered by the classification of bodies of knowledge of the 2001 Computing Curricula – Computer Science of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE Computer Society.


The Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB) is a public higher education institution, in which the institutional culture is characterized by the rich diversity and its own singularity of its the constituted six schools (Agratian, Applied arts, Education, Management, Health and Technology).

IPG - Instituto Politécnico da Guarda

The Polytechnic Higher Education of Guarda is today, without a doubt, a determining factor in the struggle against the interiority and desertification of the interior region.

The battle of the Polytechnic Higher Education of Guarda in particular, is the consolidation, the development and perfecting of its own institutional culture, of the reinforce of quality and public visibility of the already hit excellence.


The creation of Parkurbis – Park of Science and Technology of Covilhã SA has envolved a set of entities that congregate efforts in the sense of making a project of dynamization and innovation and of the entrepreneurship that leads the projects of investigation to constitute as corporate realities.

Parkurbis is today a reality that looks to support companies, every company, for its success is our success.