What is NFC and what is a NFC tag?

NFC is an acronym that stands for Near Field Communication. There is a world of information about this at the NFC Forum, here and resources in here. For us, it is a brilliantly simple technology that empowers mobile phone users to initiate communication with targeted devices, or themselves be targets of initiating devices, supporting an incredible array of possibilities: mobile marketing, loyalty and couponing, simple transactions, payments and a whole lot more being developed as we speak.

An NFC tag is typically a passive device (for example, integrated in a smart poster) that stores data that can be read by an NFC-enabled device.

What is Smart Poster?

The Smart Poster definition from NFC Forum is: “NFC Smart Posters are objects in or on which readable NFC tags have been placed. An NFC Smart Poster can come in many forms – it can be a poster, billboard, magazine page, even a three-dimensional object.”

What is NFC Launcher and where can I access it from?

NFC Launcher is a service that will help launch your android NFC applications in a simple and fast way. NFC Launcher gives you an as easy as it gets SmartCode to immediately write and launch your tags. This SmartCode is critical to make sure that the NFC ecosystem is usable, that is, that the tags you launch are recognized by the mobile phones of consumers, so that no additional instructions or downloads are necessary. We make sure that the loop is closed with NFC Launcher android application, which not only allows you to write tags using the phone (if you want), but also allows consumers to read tags and launch the corresponding applications, your applications.

Is Android the only supported platform?

NFC Launcher will be deployed for all Smartphone Operating Systems with NFC Enabled devices. Android is just the first platform.

What is the NFC Launcher android application and what does it do?

The SmartCode is a core service of the NFC Launcher portal. Simply put, it is a unique code that we generate for you to integrate in your tag programming. By doing so, you are making sure that each tag is part of a larger system allowing end users’ mobile devices to be able to recognize what your tag is supposed to do and behave accordingly (whether it is launching an app on android market or launching a url).

What is the SmartCode?

NFC Launcher will be deployed for all Smartphone Operating Systems with NFC Enabled devices. Android is just the first platform.

Will NFC Launcher distribute applications?

No, it will create the conditions for you distribute your applications, using android market as the storefront, and NFC Launcher as the magic wizard to immediately recognize that your tag should launch your app.

Can I buy applications via NFC Launcher website?

No, NFC Launcher is not an app store, but rather a NFC applications enabler. What it does is recognize the content of the tag you wrote, so that the consumer’s phone will know how to handle it. NFC Launcher helps by immediately launching the app you programmed the tag for or by opening the corresponding download page at android market.

In which Mobile Operating Systems does the NFC Launcher android application run?

The NFC Launcher mobile application runs on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Operating System on any deviced equipped with an NFC interface (i.e., Google Nexus S).

I am not being able to install the NFC Launcher application can you help?

Please ensure that you are compliant with point 7 and refer to Android’s website here for more information.

I have more questions, is there a help contact?

Sure, just send us an email with your doubts to support.nfclauncher@timwe.com.

Submit an application

What does adding and application mean?

Adding an application means that you provide us with the android market download url so that we can direct consumers to that page using NFC Launcher android application. You will not have to upload your app to our platform – we need only some very simple description data to help you manage your apps. Once you do this, we generate an SmartCode for you to write your tags. And that is it.

Can I submit more than one application?

Yes, of course, you should! More on that at GENERAL FAQ numbers 5 and 6.

How do I edit / remove an application from my account?

Simply login: you’ll be directed to the “View Profile” page where the list of your apps is presented. Each row is an app. On the right side you have the “Edit” an “Delete” action buttons to change them as you wish.


Will NFC Launcher manage (i.e., configure and deploy) the NFC tags that support my application?

Yes, kind of. What it will do is give you an SmartCode, a unique identifier for you to programme your tags with and, by using the android application version, also allow you to write the tags with that given code.

How will I write my tags? Will NFC Launcher android application allow that?

You can use the android application of NFC Launcher, or any other system, particularly if you want to write high volume of tags. NFC Launcher technical documentation shows you how to do that here.

What information must I configure in the tags?

All you need to know about technical issues can be found here.

Run the NFC launcher android application

How will the consumers access my application?

By downloading and installing the NFC Launcher android application from android market, the consumers’ phone will immediately recognize the content of your tags. If they already have the application, the service will launch it; if they don’t have it yet, the service will launch the corresponding android market download page.

If the application is not getting to my application’s URL who can I contact?

To start with, make sure the basics are covered:

a) Make sure you are a registered user;

b) Make sure your application was already added and that the corresponding SmartCode was created

c) Make sure you wrote the tag using the SmartCode and following the technical documentation as specified here.

If this doesn’t do it, please send us an email to support.nfclauncher@timwe.com, identifying yourself, your application and the exact problem in as much detail as possible.

Can a NFC launcher application user overwrite my tag?

No. The SmartCode is unique and specific to your account and your application.

Tech support

What happens if I change mobile operator network. Will NFC Launcher application still run properly?

NFC is mobile operator independent, so there shall be no problem. However, the application is device dependent, which means that you will have to download the NFC Launcher application again if you change your mobile phone, regardless of the mobile operator.