At a glance

After years of experience and close cooperation with mobile operators worldwide, DIGIWE has developed a unique Mobile Payments platform, which offers a highly flexible and secure operator billing mechanism, built to meet the needs of operators, merchants and consumers.

Business benefits

- Global Coverage (Unique point of Contact)

- Proven mobile payment platform

- Lowest capital & operational costs

- Exponential increase of traffic and revenues

- New services for the unbanked and under-banked in developed and emerging markets

- 24/7 Support

Main features

- Billing flexibility

- Technical Support and Customer Care

- Security, fraud prevention and traceability

- Simplicity of integration

- Multiple payment methods

- In-house development

- Fully customizable

- Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

- Global coverage

In order to be able to cover a broader range of our client’s needs, we are consistently integrating with other payment solutions, like credit card.