At a glance

The design of our interactive campaigns allows our clients’ customers to interact with their brands, products or services, through their feature or smartphones, by SMS, voice, USSD, SAT Push, Apps, web or mobile portals.

These campaigns have several interactive mechanics, such as trivia, happy hours, and other incentives, in order to provide a rich and engaging experience to the end-users (our clients’ customers), rewarding them with high value prizes, while promoting brand loyalty, increasing awareness and boosting our clients’ sales.

DIGIWE’s interactive campaigns are supported by our proprietary CRM platform, which advanced intelligence capabilities allows us to effectively segment user profiles and behaviors, in order to flawlessly target actions, and tailor communication.

Key Features and Benefits

- Increase top up revenues (mobile operators) - Influence recharge behaviors

Stimulating users to recharge their mobile more often and/or with higher amounts

- Up-sell & Cross-sell - Promote products and services

Opportunity to communicate new or existing products and services, by promoting them in‑campaign and creating more opportunities for cross-selling

- Increase Brand Awareness - Top of mind brand recognition

Brand recognition is extended to potential customers

- Increase Revenue - increase ARPU

Engaging gameplay and appealing prizes encourages participation, generating extra revenues

- Promote Loyalty - Engage your consumers

Customers feel acknowledged and rewarded, thus straightening bonds with the brands

- Profile Clients - Know more about the customers

Our CRM can help to profile customers, by placing specific questions about them and establishing a segmented database