“The problem”

The technological evolution we have been witnessing in the last few decades as allowed us to aggregate a multitude of information.
Nowadays there are multiple analysis and support decision systems for the different business types. However most of the mechanisms aren’t optimized since most of the metrics used for analysis depend on the quality of the information aggreggated within those bunsinesses.
The governmental processes are a good example of a complex system where there is an abundance of different types of information, such as population welfare, financial prosperity and the multitude of different domains that the government contain (health, environment, education, justice, among many others).
A common problem is also the fragmentation of the governmental services, the incorrect definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each service, the utilization of inadequate information sources and the inproper aggregation of the feedback that was given by the citizens.

About the project

In order to overcome these problems the ADAA project proposes an investigation and the development of an ecosystem that allows the management and control of the governmental services with access to optimized sources of information, including citizenship feedback with the purpose of defining operational objetives that are more realistic and easier to monitor.

Project file