TIMWE Lab is a R&D company with a team of engineers dedicated to the prototyping and development of innovative solutions.

The team is focused in the identification and development of new technologies and products that help clients of the main company (TIMWE) to improve the performance of your daily operations.

About Us

TIMWE Lab exists at least since October of 2009 and we have R&D projects financed since January 2010. TIMWE Lab is an investigation center, located in Covilhã city, Portugal, It’s constituted by a team responsible by the identification, research and development of new technologies and tendencies in the industry. This center of technology and development focuses mainly on creating innovative solutions for the daily operations and long term solutions for our clients

The TIMWE group is a global mobile solutions provider.

Having as main clients mobile operators, governments and several other companies in which business is mobile oriented. We potentiate the increase of their recipes and coverage, with operational cost reduction, through the delivery of relevant end-to-end services and customized solutions, available in the cloud and locally.

Currently, the TIMWE group is represented through three brands, at a global level: DIGIWE – Mobile Digital Solutions, TECHWE – Technological Solutions and GOVWE – Solutions for Governments.

With more than 10 years of international experience and multiple proprietary platforms, we are responsible for the design, development and delivery of key projects to our clients hands in the 5 continents. The TIMWE group works with about 300 mobile operators from all over the world, having a comprehensiveness of 3 billion potential users of their mobile technology services.

The TIMWE group operates in about 80 countries through 30 local offices. Out of our central markets of Latin America and middle east, our presence is being rapidly consolidated in regions such as Africa, eastern Europe and Asia.